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The Ice Bar

I gave my usual schtick at the Ice Bar recently; a fitting venue for teaching a group of stressed out executives at the end of a long day meetings and presentations about what to do if they ever found themselves at the bottom of a 50ft crevasse without a rope. It is not hard to draw parallels between a 60 day expedition to delivering a project on time and to budget at work. Success is often dependent on the very same set of core skills namely good communication, excellent team work, good leadership and meticulous planning.

Time Technology are leaders in Collaborative Technology Solutions and it was great fun trying to get across to their customers how the real challenge in polar expeditions is what to do with your mind for endless days on the ice looking at nothing, not the cold or the hunger or the bears or the blisters or the wind…….

“Jonathon, you were the highlight of our day and put the venue of the Ice Bar into perspective with your stories of survival in extreme conditions. You complemented perfectly the theme of our day and though I don’t believe many of us would want to join you on your next expedition, you made us feel as though we were with you. Thanks again…awesome!”

Pete Skeffington – Director of Time Technology

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