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Inspiring 8 years olds

I try to balance my talks and lectures to ensure I give more of my free time to schools rather than corporations, albeit the latter pays the bills. Last week I was down in the South West of England at Exeter Cathedral School, talking to kids about motivation, determination and discipline. I used my last 3 adventures as metaphors for trying to inspire kids on how they should look to themselves for their source of motivation, setting their own standards by which they should measure themselves, rather than always trying to live up to expectations that others may have of them.

I wish I had been encouraged more as a child to set my own personal standards and goals and to try and live up to them rather than always doing (and failing) what was expected of me.

I was your classic overweight, bullied, picked-on kid at school, always selected last at sport and usually associated with kids far more needy and dysfunctional than I was. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme, was my way out of the trap, it taught me much of what I love about life nowadays and showed me that a its important to spend as much time as possible being outdoors and active. Wherever I can I try to encourage schools to participate in the Scouts and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, the skills provided outside of the classroom will last a lifetime.

Thanks to Andrew Pennington for hosting me and the year 8’s who strangely enough knew exactly how to navigate using the sun and wind the win in a desert – amazing what we are teaching kids in school these days!

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